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A Passionate Team Explores Novel Biology and Target Concepts in BMS San Diego

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January 13 2022

Located in the heart of Southern California's life sciences ecosystem sits a sprawling campus where today's brightest scientific minds are innovating the medicines of tomorrow. It's the home of BMS' R&ED site, where teams in the Oncogenesis Thematic Research Center (TRC), Discovery Biotherapeutics, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, and Nonclinical Research and Development are bringing our company's vision and culture to life. If you have passion for patients and scientific discovery, there may be a career opportunity with them waiting for you.


The Science at Work in San Diego

BMS is a leader in biologics, and the R&ED currently taking place at our San Diego site is part of the reason why. With a focus on the exploration of novel biology and target concepts—such as protein degradation—and complex biologics, we're aiming to better understand and modulate the biological processes that lead to cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

"We are leaders in the space, pushing the boundaries of protein homeostasis," said Ingrid Wertz, MD, PhD, executive director, BMS Protein Homeostasis Center of Excellence. "It's an emerging field that fosters innovation and the exploration of unknowns, and those are the projects that scientists love to work on."

Protein homeostasis is dedicated to maintaining the equilibrium of proteins in the human body. Our cells are constantly making and remaking proteins (creation), while also removing ones that have become inactive or mutated (degradation). When cells are unable to degrade certain proteins, they can accumulate, causing diseases like cancer.


That's where Dr. Wertz and our San Diego R&ED scientists come into play. Through protein degradation, we're harnessing the cell's own machinery to degrade multiple classes of proteins that were previously considered "undruggable."1


"BMS is the only company with approved protein homeostasis medicines, as well as five novel assets in clinical development," Dr. Wertz added. "We have a huge database to mine from exploratory and clinical-stage compounds, that will inform our future degrader therapeutics. Combined with global cross-company expertise and capabilities, these resources will enable us to complement known liabilities and capitalize on the benefits of our degrader medicines."


With innovations like these, BMS is building on our legacy and scientific expertise to discover and develop therapeutic approaches in blood cancers, solid tumors and other important therapeutic areas.


"We have full confidence that the degrader strategy works," added Dr. Wertz. "Seeing the benefits in our patients firsthand inspires dedication and creativity to maximize the full potential of these therapeutics."


Collaborative Teams Inspired to Reach Their Full Potential

The focus on innovation empowers scientists like Alex Cortez, associate director, Medicinal Chemistry, to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to profile diseases and activate biopharma and academic partnerships earlier in discovery and development. For example, a medicine for adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, was born out of the San Diego R&ED site and biotech ecosystem in partnership with the Scripps Research Institute.


"Our success comes from all team members being equal and available to share thoughts and ideas throughout the process, from early identification toward clinical development," Cortez said.


Chaity Chaudhury, director, Discovery Biotherapeutics at BMS San Diego, explained, "If you look at the competitive landscape, other companies are mostly focused on T-cell therapies or T-cell engagers, but we're changing that conversation. We're harnessing the entire spectrum of immune cells to treat diseases, and no other company has had such an impact on the overall clinical space."


Our Patients Are Waiting ... All We're Waiting for Is You


If you're inspired to think big, take risks and do meaningful work, there's no better place to be than BMS San Diego. We're growing our team and looking for talented professionals to join us at the forefront of innovation.


"We're looking for creative, curious and passionate professionals who are also laser focused and efficient," said Dr. Wertz. "This unique combination is what creates that scientific magic we all feel, and that inspires us to push our limits in order to help people living with serious diseases."


Interested in joining our team? Search for active roles in BMS San Diego R&ED.



1. Bristol Myers Squibb SVP Ho Sung Cho highlights legacy and ongoing research in protein degradation. MedCity News. Accessed September 2021.Available at: https://medcitynews.com/2021/03/bristol-myers-squibbprotein-degradation/

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